Christmas lights are a major part of the holiday celebrations for many people. This is largely because these lights almost effortlessly bring a festive vibe to any space in which they are placed. Additionally, they have a bejewelled quality that adds spectacular and mesmerising beauty. When it comes to buying Christmas lights, a number of options are available.

Where these sparkling lights are concerned, there have been dramatic changes in the colour offerings. In addition, there are countless styles, sizes and lengths from which to choose. The traditional blue, yellow, red and green lights remain popular; however, colours like purple, orange, pink and soft white are becoming more and more sought after by those with a preference for a more modern aesthetic.

The shapes of Christmas lights are also becoming more and more captivating. While people were primarily limited to mini, large or bubble lights in the past, you can now stunningly deck your halls with a wide variety of shapes. However, there are some people who find selecting from among this broad range of Christmas lights quite overwhelming. As such, there are different types of lights highlighted below that could help with the selection process:

Types of Lights

• LED Rope Lights

These lights are ideal for creating intricate shapes and designs, particularly when outlining doorways, windows and walkways.

• LED Projection Spotlights

With these projection spotlights, there is no need for installation. They are essentially a time-saving substitute for traditional string lights. You can just plug them into an electrical outlet and then they can be projected on Christmas trees, trees around the property and virtually anywhere else.

• Colour-Changing, Animated Lights

These Christmas lights add a bit of additional eye-catching spark into your display.

• Icicle Lights

These Christmas lights are designed to provide your house with a fanciful snow-covered appearance that exudes the holiday vibe.

• Mini String Lights

The popularity of these lights, with their smaller bulbs, has not diminished over the past few decades.

• Large Bulb Lights

These lights create a visual impact that is undeniable and are ideal for those who want to add a retro vibe.