Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Coffee Brewing

Coffee is so much a part of our lives that we sometimes neglect the fact that like all good food, it has to be processed well to be enjoyed to the fullest. Even the highest quality coffee beans can go to waste if you do not brew them correctly. To get more out of your beans, Best Coffee recommends these 10 tips and tricks for brewing a great cup.

1. Fresh is Best

The taste and aroma of coffee is due to the oils within the bean that are activated by roasting. Once roasted, these oils will start to evaporate and the longer it takes for the beans to be prepared for drinking, the less quality in terms of taste and aroma you will enjoy. Go for the most freshly-roasted beans you can find and brew immediately them after they are ground.

2. Use Whole Bean Coffee

Whole bean coffee is better at keeping the aromatic compounds longer than ground coffee. If you want to grind the coffee yourself, get whole bean coffee. You could also buy freshly-ground coffee beans and prepare your coffee brew within the day. If there is leftover coffee, store it in an airtight container away from direct sunlight to help preserve the flavor.

3. Measure

The ratio for great-tasting coffee is usually 2:6, which equates to 2 tablespoons of coffee with 6 ounces of water. This, however, is the general rule of thumb. Keep in mind that there is a wide variety of coffee with different intensities in strength and flavor. It would be better to weigh the beans for better accuracy and consistency every time you brew.

4. Use a Good Grinder

The key to brewing the great coffee is grinding the beans to a consistent size. This allows the ground coffee beans to brew at the same time. Coffee purists will tell you that the best coffee grinder to use is the burr grinder. This type of grinder can be adjusted to grind the beans to a desired size and it will do so consistently and accurately. Burr grinders are a bit costly but there are other options, such as an electric bean grinder and even a manual grinder that will perform well.

5. Choose the Right Grind

The right grind setting will bring out the best coffee flavors depending on the type of coffee or brew you want. Finely ground coffee, for example, is ideal for shorter brewing time. Medium grind beans are usually recommended for pour-over brewers. Coarser grounds are best used for a French press wherein the coffee is allowed to brew for several minutes.

6. Water Makes a Difference

You could always use tap water but why risk it when you can have better-tasting coffee brewed by just switching to filtered water? A cup of coffee is mostly water, which is why there will be a huge difference in its taste based on what you use. Filtered water is as close to pure as you can get, which means that it will not contain chemicals and compounds that affect the taste of your coffee.

7. Pre-Heat

Keep the container that will be containing your coffee at a temperature that is close to the temperature you intend to brew with. A cold brewing device will take heat away from the water as it mixes with the ground coffee beans. If you are using coffee filter, pour a bit of hot water on it, then let it drain away from the pot. This not only brings the filter to the right temperature but also eliminates the taste of paper that could mix with coffee.

8. Use Water at the Right Temperature

Check the temperature of the water and make sure it is between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit (90.5 to 96.1 degrees Celsius). At this temperature range, the extraction of the aromatic compounds will be much effective, bringing out the best flavors in the coffee beans.

9. Allow the Coffee to Bloom

When hot water is poured over fresh coffee, it releases CO2 which appears as bubbles. This gas is the result of roasting and is harmless but will affect the taste of the coffee. To truly bring out the aroma and flavor, pour a small amount of coffee over the coffee beans, then wait for 30 seconds to ‘bloom’ the coffee before pouring the rest of the water in.

10. Keep the Coffee Grounds Saturated

To get the best coffee taste and aroma, maximize the coffee beans that are being brewed by making sure that the grounds are completely covered by water. Water is a key component in the extraction process and should saturate the grounds to bring out that beautiful coffee flavor we all love.