Things To Consider In Glass Repair And Replacement

If the glass in your business or home is compromised, you need it replaced or repaired quickly and the job must be performed in a through and professional manner. If you are experiencing consistently foggy windows, failing seals (leaking water, heat escaping, cold drafts), improper closing/opening, or have other issues such as cracked or broken glass, etc., you should know that it is time to contact your local glass repair company.

However, before you make that important glass repair or replacement decision, here are a few things to consider.

Repair or Replacement?

According to glass repair companies, most clients feel surprised (and happy) to discover that a majority of common window problems can be effectively addressed through repairing and there is no need to go for a full-scale and expensive replacement.

Replacement, apart from being more expensive, also takes more time since the repair company will often have to order and wait for the proper replacement glass to arrive before they can install it. (Modern window systems, more effective but also more complicated, often involve units that are not always readily available for installation.)

On the other hand, repairing a glass (when it is viable) can be performed quickly enough and this is an important factor both for homeowners and businesses, especially when it comes to exterior doors and windows. The latter ensure the safety of a home and as such, it is not a good idea to leave a compromised window unattended for any length of time. Moreover, for businesses, quick replacement/repair becomes important for safety as well as for aesthetic reasons. For example, if a commercial storefront (often made up of a number of large glass panels) suffers some sort of damage, one needs address the issue as fast as possible. Otherwise, it may negatively affect the image of the business.

How to know when to repair or replace?

Commonly, the technician from the glass repair service will be the right person to advise you whether a damaged glass (or window) needs replacement or if it’s still possible to solve the issue through repairing. Some of the common window issues that professionals can fix through repairing include cracked glass, chipped or broken glass, foggy windows, and warped window panels.

In most situations when the damage involves the windowpane only, the repair can be performed simply by replacing the glass. If the crack is small enough or if it’s only a chip, you may not need to replace the glass either. Glass professionals can fix these types of minor damages without compromising the aesthetic of the piece.

On the other hand, a full window replacement may be necessary when you have issues like badly damaged window frame, water leakage, damaged, rotting or inoperable exterior casing, etc. Most glass repair companies offer window replacement services and if you really need a full-scale window replacement, they will be able to help you.

Other Types of Glass

If you are looking for glass repair/replacement services for shower doors and enclosures, glass handrails, tabletops, glass shelving, etc., make sure that you work with a company that has good experience of working with all these different types of glass settings.

For example, shower doors develop issues quite regularly due to high frequency of use. However, you don’t need a replacement every time your shower door suffers some problem (leakage, difficulty in closing/opening). Experienced glass technicians will be able to detect the issue and repair it in a manner so that your shower door operates smoothly, is fully functional and looks new as well. The same goes for other types of decorative glass pieces such as tabletops, handrails and the like.

Should you ever go for a brand-new replacement when a repair is possible?

Yes, sometimes it is advisable to go for full scale replacement in place of repair. This particularly applies to single pane doors, windows, enclosures, etc. The glass technology has developed rapidly in the last two decades or so and single panes are becoming fast obsolete today, giving way to now standard and energy efficient double or triple pane glasses.

One also enjoys a large variety of choices when it comes to glass type and style. For example, you can choose from tempered glass, mirrored glass, heat-strengthened laminated panes, panes filled with argon glass, glasses that come with low e-coating, etc. All these different types come with unique advantages of their own and all of them are far more energy efficient than the old single pane glasses.

So, whenever you make a glass repair decision and contact a reputable glass repair company, make sure to consult with the technicians and discuss your options well before making a final choice.