Red Earth Flowers – A Review

Red Earth Flowers can do everything and anything beautiful with flowers. Founded by Emily, a full-time and passionate florist, Red Earth Flowers’ floral arrangements primarily revolve around weddings, special occasions, personal use, and every other purpose stylish and decorative. Emily is pretty hands-on and is involved in everything, right from consultations to the styling of the venue. She also has a talented team for support that shares the same love and passion for flowers as she does.

Flower Offerings

Red Earth Flowers offers a host of flower-based products and services. They do flower gifts, cake flowers, corsages, flowers for flower girls and your hair, etc. You can see the majority of their previous work on their official website and also their Instagram page. If you have any custom floral arrangement requirements, Red Earth Flowers can work on them too – provided it’s realistic and involves an element of artistry. Get in touch with them to discuss the ideal flowers and specific styling you’re looking at.

Seasonal Flowers

Since Red Earth Flowers deal with real flowers, you need to be wary of the limitations they could face during specific times of the year. For instance, rose bouquets may not be possible during off-seasons or when they aren’t naturally blooming. Therefore, upon contacting Red Earth Flowers, they would let you know the various flower choices available during the particular period.

In fact, they have clearly listed out the flowers available during specific seasons or months of a year on their website. If you are not familiar with flowers, Red Earth Flowers have categorized them in specific hues so that you know better. If you are looking for a particular color scheme for your special event, this color categorization would come in quite handy.

Kindly note, flower availability is not just seasonal but also demand-based. If a particular flower that is in season but not available due to high demand, Red Earth Flowers would offer you suitable substitutes. Or, you may choose from the other flower options from the well-curated list on their site.

Ordering and Flower Costs

There is no standard price for floral products. The price would differ based on the flower’s availability and the flower itself. Regardless, Red Earth Flowers would work toward ensuring you get the right flowers for your budget and requirements. Before making recommendations, they consider the design you’re envisioning and also the amount of money you’re willing to spend. Red Earth Flowers tries to offer maximum buck for your money, irrespective of your budget. Therefore, do not feel the need to overshoot your budget.

Make sure you book your order as early as possible. This is especially true if your wedding is going to be a massive event and you need the decorations to be as elaborate as possible. When you give the wedding florist sufficient time to prepare, source, and put together things, the end results will exceed your expectations. Red Earth Flowers entertains bookings 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, at the time of booking, a deposit of 20 percent of the total cost of the service should be paid. The deposit is non-refundable, and the remainder amount can be paid later, after delivery.


Red Earth Flowers is not a company that churns our floral products like clockwork. There is a human touch in all their offerings. The difference can be likened to the comparison between handmade, high-end Swiss watches and the factory-made, inexpensive quartz timepieces. The only exception is that the prices of Red Earth Flowers’ services are not “high-end”.