Kitchen Entertainment Ideas

If you don’t have an oversized TV in your kitchen, you can still enjoy some TV action. A DVR allows you to watch regular programming from any room in your house, so you can follow your favorite cooking show while preparing meals. A smart TV can sync with your wireless internet connection and stream online media instantly. Another fun kitchen entertainment idea is a Philips Hue connected bulb, which can be controlled by a smart phone app or from a lamp top on the kitchen island.

Work zones allow multiple people to cook

Kitchens often need to accommodate multiple activities at one time. For example, a peninsula or an island can be the perfect place to entertain guests or supervise children’s activities while preparing meals. It can also serve as an area for family work, where everyone can keep an eye on the kids while they prepare snacks or lunches. There is even a sink that combines work zones and can be placed near the cooktop or counters.

Home bar

Besides being functional, a home bar can also serve as a place to entertain. Depending on the type of room you have, you can build a home bar on an existing wall or place an open cabinet in the living room. The cabinet should be inconspicuous and complement the interior decor. While installing a home bar in your kitchen, make sure to leave enough room for additional seating. Guests will appreciate being able to sit down after a long night of drinking!

Flat-screen television

You can use a Flat-screen television for kitchen entertainment ideas to give the room a stylish look. For example, a small room doesn’t need to be a problem, as a 27-inch model from the Korean manufacturer Samsung has an ultra-thin design and is packed with good quality materials. Though it’s not a widescreen television, its high resolution will provide good picture quality no matter the ambient lighting. It’s also wall-mounted and comes with a convenient wall bracket for installation.

Banquette seating

If you’re planning to have guests over for dinner, one of the best kitchen entertainment ideas is to incorporate a banquette seating area. A banquette is a piece of seating that looks like a booth at a restaurant, but it isn’t formal. It is a great choice for households with young children and a large family. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, you can also purchase bespoke furniture. Prices start at PS5000 for bespoke pieces of furniture.

Open-concept design

A stylish open kitchen designed by interior designer Diana Weinstein will provide a space for family gatherings. Its island seats at least six people, and the design reflects original architectural details to make the space seem seamless. Adding a touch of industrial-style furnishings, such as an old-fashioned iron bench, will add a stylish touch to the space. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some open-concept ideas to consider.

Double dishwashers

If you have kids, consider installing a second dishwasher. Young children don’t usually make a lot of dishes, but teenagers tend to leave a lot of dirty plates behind. Having a second dishwasher allows the whole family to spend more time together, rather than scrambling to clean up after everyone else. This feature will also allow you to clean up after guests. And if you’re entertaining guests, consider installing an eat-in kitchen, complete with built-in bench to accommodate linen storage.

Charging stations

If you’re looking for ways to keep your kitchen decluttered, try a charging station for your electronic gadgets. This small station can be placed in a drawer or on a countertop, ideally near an electrical outlet. You could also use a kitchen island to convert this space into a charging station. You can either buy a charging station or make one yourself. In either case, be sure to hide it from view – you don’t want it to be a distraction!

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