Health Benefits Derived From Playing Cricket

Cricket is a sport that has been in existence for centuries and is among the popular games. It was first played in England, but today is being played in many countries, including Australia, South Africa, West Indie, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and India. Cricket is a game played using a ball and a bat. Two teams play against each other by bowling, fielding, and batting.
Each team has eleven players, and the game will last for hours or sometimes for days. Cricket is a social game that both males and females can play competitively. Competitive cricket must be played in a field. However, if you are playing cricket for fun, it can be played anywhere, including beaches, parks, backyards, and streets.
Below are some of the health benefits of playing cricket;-

1. Improves concentration

As you play cricket, you need to be observant of your opponent, which leads to increased concentration. You need to make very quick decisions that assist you in everyday life to make an informed judgment. As a batsman, you will have to read the mind of the bowler. Doing this improves your mental capability and will improve your analytical skills.

2. Burn calories

Playing cricket is an easy way to burn calories. The game involves intense and quick movements that will ensure you burn calories quickly. Playing cricket for 30 minutes each day will play a big part in getting rid of the calories. Research shows you will burn about 200 calories for every half an hour you spend playing cricket.
Moreover, you will need to eat more protein to gain the strength and energy to play. Having an increased protein intake means you do not get hungry fast. The protein stays in the stomach longer than the other foods.

3. Improved motor skills

By playing cricket, which involves moving every part of your body, you develop motor skills. All the large muscles in your body, including hamstrings, quadriceps, chest, glutes, and back, are in constant motion, and they will stay healthy. When your muscles grow, they help in weight management as the fats turn into lipids, which give your body energy.
Reduced breakdown of fats may cause reduced metabolism. In addition, having all your big muscles move tones the body and gives you a nice shape.

4. Flexibility

While playing cricket, you will have to perform many movements simultaneously. You will have to bowl, hook, and dive playing cricket, and your body will become flexible over time. Improvement of movement brings about flexibility. Flexibility will increase the strength of your muscles and eventually lead to improved performance. More flexibility will also keep you away from injuries.

5. Strengthen muscles

Most of your body muscle exercises as you are playing this involving sport. Every step will have a benefit to every muscle that you move. A good example is when you swing your bat, the muscles in your upper body and legs benefit and whereas the arm muscles gain through throwing.

6. Hand-eye coordination

As you are playing the game, your hands and eyes move simultaneously, giving you a better peripheral eye vision and better hand-eye coordination. Almost every action that you pull during the game will require the coordination of your hand and eye. Hands and eyes coordination is mandatory if you are to excel in the sport.

7. Improves the health of your heart

Cricket involves a lot of running, which is very useful to your heart. While you are moving up and down the field, your heart rate will increase. It is good to have an increase in your heartbeat as it prevents clogging of your veins. Additionally, more blood brings in more oxygen into the lungs and the rest of your body.


Cricket is a nice physical sport that will help you stay healthy as you socialize and bond with your family and friends. Get out of the comfort of your couch, get a bat and join your friends in the field.

Authored by the staff at CricBets.