3 Best Ways To Market Your Café

Coffee is the beverage of choice for a lot of people. It gives them a jolt of energy in the morning and keeps them going for the rest of the day. Millions drink it on a daily basis in cafes around the country. This makes it a good business for those with the capital and the passion for coffee beans.

Ensure that your business serves a fair amount of customers in your neighborhood. Use creative marketing techniques to attract more patrons. Formulate plans that target both your online audience and your in-store consumers. If you need fresh ideas on what you can do, then consider the following:

1. Search Engine Optimization

People often use search engines when they are on the lookout for new cafes and restaurants. This gives them instant options for those sudden cravings. SEO increases the likelihood that they will find your business name listed at the top of the results. The higher the ranking for your chosen keywords, the better the chances of getting traffic. Your competitors are probably doing SEO themselves to get ahead. Go ahead and search for cafes in your area to see where you land. If you are dissatisfied with your current placement, then hire a specialist to help you zoom to the top of the results page.

2. Free Product Samples

Never underestimate the power of freebies. If you have new products that you would like to feature, then consider giving samples away for free to your loyal patrons. The extra attention and generosity will make them feel valued, thus increasing the likelihood that they will keep coming back. It also provides you an opportunity to hear their feedback. Listen to both the good and the bad. You can make your product better by taking their advice and suggestions. Maybe it’s too sweet, too bland, too bitter, too plain, too expensive, or too small. Adjust accordingly once you see the consensus. If you get things right, then these patrons may provide you with free marketing through word of mouth.

3. Updated Media Kit

Restaurant reviews get gobbled up by foodies. It is crucial that you make a good impression in case a reviewer walks inside and checks out your café. This is free publicity that you should take advantage of. Unfortunately, most owners are not media savvy. They are not ready when the opportunity presents itself so they squander it. Do better than your competitors by having a media kit on hand. Give it to any food writer who happens to take an interest in the cafe. This should contain the latest menu, brochures, images, and press releases. You could also give them free food as a token of appreciation. Go the extra mile to meet their needs.